WEEK 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12th may 2010

this week we read till  chapter 16. this part of the book is particularly exciting and very enjoyable. Paul goes to Tracy’s house and finds out that she is really very wealthy, but when he returns home he finds out that nonno is missing, Teresa and her boyfriend constable movies (Wayne) are waiting for nonno to come home when Paul has a sudden realisation that it is the first Sunday of the month and nonno and Paul usually  go to the cemetery and clean his fathers grave, Paul runs to the cemetery and finds nonno they have a very intense conversation and Paul nearly cries this part reached out to me as you see Paul’s soft side, and the actual writing of this part of the story is particularly good, it makes you understand and feel the emotions that Paul and nonno are feeling.i can not wait to finish this book and find out what happens in the end.

2 thoughts on “WEEK 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Sounds like a good book. Hope you are enjoying it. Have fun reading the ending. Your a great class member. Thank you for the sherbet. It is realllllllllly yummy. You are a great writer.xxxxx

  2. A good summary of the book so far. Any idea how it’s going to end. Hope you enjoy the last few chapters – I will be interested to your next post when you can talk about the book as a whole. Until next week!

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